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  • Dee Santorini - painting 12-4

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  • Sean McAusland - color field and stippling
  • Paige Houghton - fiber arts
  • Michelle Hamilton - mixed media
  • Marcos Martinez - oil painting

Sean McAusland

Li Newton

Paige Houghton

Dee Santorini has unleashed a herd of elephants in the River Arts District, and man the dust is flying!  Santorini has a Serengeti show in the atrium at Trackside Studios this August, with a special focus on elephants and zebras. 

“Elephants speak to my heart,”  says Santorini.  “They have such a strong sense of community, such a strong sense of family.  During the birthing process, the mother and her newborn child are both in danger from predators.  So the family surrounds her, stomping their feet to raise dust to block predators from seeing what is going on as the birth happens.  They also trumpet and sway, signaling danger.

My painting, Elephant Dance, shows this beautiful ritual.”

“Most people think of elephants as plodding, slow beasts.  But when I watch a baby elephant playing, it is like watching a big puppy….with a trunk! “

Santorini has been painting Serengeti animals for several years now.  She started painting elephants and giraffes at Alzheimer fundraisers, where people would watch her paint all day.  At first she was shy and hesitant, but soon began to enjoy the interaction with people as she painted.  Painting demonstrations are something she still does at Trackside Studios in the River Arts District in Asheville.

“When painting zebras, the stripes absolutely define the zebra,”  says Santorini.  “It is kind of like painting shadows.  Each stripe has to be just right, because the shape of the stripe creates the three-dimensional aspect of the zebra.”

Dee paints Serengeti life because she loves the beauty and uniqueness of these species.  In an effort to help preserve these beings from disappearing from the earth, part of the sale of this art is donated to organizations fighting to help them survive.    

The Santorini Stampede will have an opening show 1:00 - 4:00 Saturday, August 6th at Trackside Studio at 375 Depot Street in the River Arts District in Asheville.  Dee Santorini will be at the studio painting every Saturday in August from noon to 4:00, and will welcome fellow Serengeti lovers.

Elephants and Zebras Stampede Trackside Studio!

A collection of artworks byDee Santorini

Atrium Gallery & Trackside Studios - August 2022, 10-5

Artist Reception

Saturday August 6 from 1 to 4pm